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Throughout each tuition session at home, your expert and reliable tutors will clarify and reinforce the concepts taught in your text books and by your school teacher


This is important because you need to avoid being careless when answering questions where you are already very familiar and comfortable with the content. You also need to avoid panicking when the question is horrifyingly tricky


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Exam Questions Are Difficult Only When Your Tutor Does Not Know How To Prepare You Adequately To Apply The Knowledge That You Have Learnt

Since 2007, Our Students Have Confidently Scored High Marks In Their Exams.
Because There Was No Need For Them To Panic Even When Their Classmates Thought The Questions Were "Tricky"

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Success Stories

Mind blank. That feeling of pure terror. I had worked hard throughout the year to prepare for the O Levels, but this question carried a lot of marks and I initially thought I couldn't answer it. I calmed down and remembered each step that Mr Lim taught me - analysis of the question, and all the knowledge he told me to read up on. Turns out that I answered it correctly.
Belinda Y
School in the Bukit Timah area
Ibrahim's grades in P5 were not very good. We hired a tutor for intensive preparation during the year-end holidays. Ms Haslinda was patient, caring and encouraging. Ibrahim was able to enter one of the better secondary schools near our home, and was put in the same class as his best friend from Primary 1. Ms Haslinda is still teaching Ibrahim, and we think he should be on track to be accepted at a good junior college, based on the results he had during the pre-lims.
Madam Fatimah
Mum of Sec 4 son from St Patrick's School
The difference between a good and a great answer leads to an A or a B grade.
CT Pang
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School Integrated Programme
I was from the Gifted Education Programme in my Primary School. When I was in P5, my parents hired Mr Goh, as he has a PhD in Biochemistry. He taught me until I finished my A Levels.
Giriraj Devi
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
I want Sebastian to have a strong foundation in languages. We engaged tutors for English and Chinese when he was in P2. He has been achieving A's for his SAs and CAs. What we really like is that the tutors managed to encourage him to read widely outside the school curriculum.
Madam Koh
Mum of student studying in school in Central Singapore
From Sec 3 to JC2, the Chemistry syllabus and exams got progressively more difficult. Ms Cheong is a former MOE teacher. Her schedule is almost always fully booked because she is such a popular home tutor. We all know that she puts in full efforts to get us that A.
Timothy L (Dr)
MBBS, National University of Singapore

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33,000 Experienced & Reliable Tutors. MOE Current/Former Teachers, PhD-Tutors, Undergraduate/Graduated Experts.
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